Why People Are Investing In Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine contains water and organic compounds. The compounds include phosphates, sulphates, chloride, and creatine among others. The urine is manufactured in a lab and can be used to carry out laboratory tests by people from all walks of life. But as of late, the urine has been put to many uses. In this article, we look at why more people are investing in synthetic urine.

It is considered a quick fix plus for anyone wanting to pass a drug test

People who are on drugs may be required to produce urine to be used to test if they are on drugs. If they produce their natural urine, the results may not be favorable. Thus, many of them decide to buy and present synthetic urine to help them pass the tests. The urine can, therefore, allow one to enjoy using the substance they use without worrying. It is a good solution to drug users who may occasionally be required to undergo a urine test at their place of work.

For experiments in science

There are plenty of experiments in the laboratory which utilize synthetic urine. Scientists use it to test diseases as well. Also, it can be used to test equipment and cleaning agents. Students pursuing medical courses find synthetic urine a valuable asset. They use it in conducting urinary tests. The urine has a long life, can be stored and transported easily. It is an ideal mixture for cosmetology and alternative medicine. When used in experiments, it exposes the user to fewer pathogens that are always present in real urine.

To use in the Beauty industry

People in the beauty industry believe that urine can be used to kill harmful bacteria. They also use it to remove acne. So they will stop at nothing including washing their faces with urine. But with the availability of synthetic urine, you do not need to wash your face with real urine. You will still get the same results by washing your face with synthetic urine. You no longer have to struggle to collect and use contaminated urine. Use synthetic urine to reduce the risks of infecting yourself when you use human urine.

Using it to repel animals and pests

Synthetic urine can also be used as a pest and animal repellent. It can be applied in the garden to keep pests at bay. Also, the urine can be used to keep predators away.

For Prank Games

Synthetic urine can be used for game purposes. Pouring part of it on the bed when your spouse is asleep can make them believe that they wet themselves. It is hygienic and so it can be poured on the bed or the body without worrying.

Synthetic urine has chemical and physical characteristics of human urine. It is pure and ideal to use in cases that require the use of real urine. So, if you need to carry out tests on urine, do not expose yourself to the dangers of handling human urine. Also, if you are in the beauty industry, you can rely on the product to kill the bacteria on your face. Avoid handling human urine and buy synthetic urine instead.

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