The Top 10 Strangest Things You Can Buy In 2019

Strange does not even begin to describe some of the things that you can find for sale in 2019. There are lots of weird and crazy stuff sold both on the internet and offline. Some sellers do this for fun, while others are serious about making money from their products. Since weird is the new normal, you too can spend your extra money on something fun and strange. Below is a short list of the top ten strange things you can buy in 2019:

1)                 Fake Urine

Drug tests can get you fired from work, or expelled from school. If you used or still use drugs, you can cheat the test with high-quality fake pee for sale. Fake urine is an imitation of human urine. It guarantees that you will pass the drug analysis. Still, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to prepare the pee for a test.

2)                 Real Human Teeth

Buying human body parts such as teeth sounds creepy. However, there are plenty of things you can do with actual teeth. As an artist, you can use teeth for making jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces. You can also buy human teeth for educational research or dentist practices. Anyway, buying teeth is better than hunting for your supply.

3)                 Human Skull

Collecting skulls can be your new creepy hobby. You can also use skulls for research. Skulls also make good decorations for Halloween, so why not buy real human skulls?

4)                 UFO Detector

Are aliens real or not? You cannot answer this question unless you have a UFO Detector. There have been reported sightings, so getting this detector will help validate these claims. The detector continuously monitors your area for both magnetic and electromagnetic abnormalities.

5)                 Human Soul

The human soul makes the strangest item on this list. Some people sell their souls or famous people souls. For whatever reason, you can buy someone’s soul and be a proud human soul owner.

6)                 A Celebrity Doppelganger

It is difficult to get a celebrity to attend your party, but you can hire a lookalike. These doppelgangers dress, act, and even speak like the actual person. You can surprise your child or friend during their party with their favorite celebrity.

7)                 Real Tank

Your dream of having a tank for defense against intruders or to intimidate your neighbors can be real. Some tanks are selling at a similar price to buying a car online but not as efficient as military tanks.

8)                 Uranium

Uranium is radioactive that why its sale is limited to only research laboratories. You can still buy your uranium ore and keep the rock in your home décor. You can also purchase uranium glasses that are made for decorations.

9)                 Full Bodysuit

The full body suit is made of spandex and covers your entire body. It is breathable, and you can wear it as a superhero costume.

10) Grass Flip-Flops

The surface of these flip-flops is made of synthetic grass. With these sandals, you get the feeling of walking barefoot on grass.

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