5 Tips To Overcoming Your Tobacco Addiction

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Smoking tobacco has been one of the greatest addictions known to mankind. It has led many into serious medical complications, caused good relationships to end, made many loose great life-changing opportunities, and has cut so many lives short.

This is why you seriously need to stop smoking tobacco. But what if you are already addicted to it? Is there a way out? Yes, there is. Here are 5 tips to overcoming your tobacco addiction:

  1.    Avoid Triggers That Tempt You To Smoke

There are a few things that act as triggers making you stay hooked to the cigarette. If you check your daily routine well, you’ll realize that there are certain things you do at certain times that will always be accompanied by you smoking, and this plays a big role in keeping you hooked to the tobacco addiction.

You may have been used to taking your morning coffee with a cigarette, taking lunch while smoking, or smoking in your car as you drive home from work.

You need to avoid these triggers. Consider change from coffee to tea in the morning. Find something else to do during your break other than going to the smoking zone. Get rid of the ashtray in your car. Change the times when you take lunch and consider going to a different food joint. Avoid all these triggers that cause you to smoke.

  1.    Deal With The Cravings

When you decide to call it quits on tobacco, you’ll experience some severe cravings. You’ll start feeling anxious, become panicky, you’ll experience some pressure on your chest, and your brain will constantly remind you that you need a smoke to get your groove back.

You need to overcome these cravings. Find something to distract yourself with once the cravings kick in. With time, you’ll be able to conquer these cravings and subdue them completely.

  1.    Keep Yourself Occupied

Remember the famous saying that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop? Well, it’s true. When you are idle and bored with nothing to do, you’ll begin getting this urge for a cigarette to kill the boredom. The idler you are, the more you smoke and the tougher it becomes to overcome the tobacco addiction.

Keep yourself occupied at all times. Find something good to do and do it away from the company of non-smokers. Meditate, read a book, do house chores or anything else that will keep you busy.

  1.    Encourage Yourself

A tobacco addiction isn’t an easy net to break free from. You’ll experience withdrawal symptoms and your body will try as much as possible to get you back to smoking tobacco because it’s already dependent on it.

But to fully overcome this addiction, you’ll need to encourage yourself. Keep speaking words of affirmation. Keep reminding yourself why you quit smoking. Encourage yourself to go through the process until you are free from the addiction.

  1.    Avoid Procrastination

Tomorrow never comes. If you are to break free from the tobacco addiction, it has to start today and it has to start now. The more you postpone putting that cigarette down, the more addicted you become to it. So decide today to call it quits.


Another more effective way to conquer tobacco addiction is through vaping. Vaping is less harmful than smoking cigarettes. It is a safer and more effective alternative if you want to quit smoking. To get all the vaping supplies you need, check out https://vapingcheap.com/.


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