5 Tips to getting out of Chexsystems


If you are listed in the Chexsystems then it’s natural that you would want to get out as quickly as possible. There are many drawbacks to having your name in the Chexsystems database because you cannot open a checking account. The worst part is that the negative information contained means that you can stay for even 5 years without being able to write a check. The information contained there is the information which has been reported by banks and credit unions and if the information is negative this can negatively impact you. These are some important tips which you need to have on hand when you are looking to get out of the Chexsystems.

  1.    Request a copy of Chexsystem Report

You are legally entitled to receive a copy of Chexsystems on an annual basis or if you get a rejection from a bank when trying to open a checking account. You can request a free copy within a period of 60 days and then you can slowly verify to see if the information contained there is accurate. There are times when you find the information listed in the report as being not accurate and in this case you can request to have the information rectified.

  1.    Request for Information verification

Once you realize that you have a negative listing then the next step is to ask Chexsystems to verify the information. You must make it clear that you have reviewed your report including the negative listing and now what you would like is for them to verify the listing. This calls for them to seek validation from banks and credit unions and you can also ask them to send you documentation and make sure it bears your signature. If you are not contacted within 30 days then Chexsystems are required to delete this listing

  1.    Make a claim or Dispute

The next steps are making an official claim or raise a dispute to be removed from their database. This should be done when you are backed up with all the evidence to support your claim. The Chexsystems is obligated to respond with verification within 30 days and once they fail to do that, then they are violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Here then you can have the negative listing removed from your report.

  1.    Pay off your debts and balances

If the information listed in the Chexsystems has been found to be accurate then the best thing that you need to do is to pay off your debts and balances.  Consider visiting the bank and any other financial institutions that you owe and you may have some of the charges dropped if you are committed to paying off your debts.

  1.    Request Listing Removal

Once you have cleared all the balances and the debts that you owe then the next step should be requesting listing removal from the Chexsystems. To do this you may need all the documentation and receipts to show that you have cleared what you had owed.

For more information about getting removed from the Chexsystems you can check; https://www.crediful.com/get-out-of-chexsystems/.

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