4 Things to take when you go hiking

Whether you are planning to go on a hike for only a few hours or for several days, it is important that you pack the essentials for your trek. While hiking may sound like a very simple outdoor activity to do, it actually requires important things because when you are out there, you are the only one who can take care of yourself. And for you to take care of yourself, you need to have the right gears and other important things. Otherwise, this can prevent you from enjoying the whole hiking experience.

Here are 4 things that you should take when you go hiking.

  1. Appropriate footwear

Even for a short day hike, having the right trail shoes will make a huge difference. It will feel great and comfortable, and it will get you longer to technical terrains with enough support. Think of it as your mode of transportation in going to your destination. If you have the right footwear for hiking, you would be much comfortable throughout the journey and you will feel a lot more comfortable carrying heavier loads since your shoes can support the weight. Using the wrong footwear can be extremely dangerous especially if it doesn’t have a grip when you are going to slippery trails.

  1. Water bottle and extra water

Hydration is important when you are hiking and this is something that you can just skip not bringing. In order for your organs to properly functions, you’ll need to have enough water that can sustain you throughout the hike. Consuming only a little water will make you susceptible to altitude sickness, hypothermia, and not mention, it will make you thirsty at all times. Bringing a water bottle is also important so that once your water is all consumed, you will have a container where you can refill for more water.

  1. Appropriate clothing and rain gear

When you are hiking, you will have to consider the weather you will be facing. Most likely, you will be exposed to extreme cold conditions so layering up is important to stay warm. Avoid cotton as it keeps the moisture close to your skin and that is something you need to avoid. And to keep yourself protected, always make sure to bring a rain gear. This could be a rain poncho or a rain jacket. You need to stay dry as much as possible to prevent getting sick especially at high altitude.

  1. Hammocks or tents

If you are going for a multiple-day hike, you’ll need to consider your accommodation. After all, it will protect you from cold temperature and other harm. Depending on your preferences or depending on what the topography of the place you are visiting presents, bring a hammock or tent where you can comfortably rest. If you are hiking on a spot where there are trees to hang your hammock on, make sure to bring one of those best portable hammocks. They are lightweight and you can easily assemble them once you are settled for the night.

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